Specialty Boards and Panels

If you have needs for special order materials, Best Supply has developed partnerships with manufacturers of high quality products to meet your needs. We carry a variety of specialty boards and panels, including lead-lined, bullet proof, fire resistant and high impact designs.

Specialty Materials

  • Lead Lined Drywall
  • Cement Board
  • Bullet Proof Drywall
  • High Impact/High Abuse AirRenew Durasan Prefinished Drywall Panels
  • FRP Panels & Trims
  • FRP Adhesive

Glass Mat Products

  • DensArmor Plus
  • DensShield DensGlass
  • DensShaftwall Liner
  • DensElement GlasRoc
  • GlasRoc Shaftwall Liner
  • Diamondback Tile Backer
  • eXP Board
  • eXP Shaftwall

Sound Board and Products

  • Silent FX
  • Soundbreak Board
  • RSIC Sound Clips
  • RC-1 & RC -2 Channel Green Glue Compound
  • Acoustic Caulking

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